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I’m 79, I’m retiring and I have three sets of fiberglass molds for sale. All are in good condition. Zephyr molds are in Mexico, all others are in Rock Hill, SC. Our Zephyr, Boattail and Bugatti kit are all 127 inch wheelbase.

Boattail Boattail Boattail Boattail


Body designed by Chip Foose circa 1999. Generation One Boattail includes open fenders, See orange and white car. Includes molds for body, floorpan, inner and outer doors, inner and outer trunk lid, mold for one piece tilt front end that includes open front fenders, chopped Auburn grille shell, hood and side panels.


Pontoon Fenders


Molds for four Generation Two Boattail fenders. Figoni & Falaschi inspired pontoon style fenders from a Type 135 Delahaye. Made to bolt up to our boattail but can be adapted to be used on any of our Bugattis or other cars of your choice. The enclosed pontoon fenders were designed by Terry Cook.


Type 57s Bugatti Type 57s Bugatti Type 57s Bugatti Type 57s Bugatti

Type 57s BUGATTI

Includes molds for four different body styles based on our same Type 57s 1937 Bugatti. These include the fastback Pacific, Bella Figure Coupe, Nasty hardtop coupe with no B pillar and Gangloff Drophead convertible. All four bodies share the same floor pan and fenders. Rear fenders come in two sets of molds, your choice of narrow or wide. Includes a standard two piece “piano hinge” straight hood top and side panels and also an arched one piece “droop snoot” hood top and side panels. Two Type 57s Grille shells (one standard and one 2.5 inches shorter for Droop snoot hood). Two sets of inner and outer door molds for standard side window or kidney bean window for Bella Figura and Pacific. Also inner and outer door molds for Nasty Coupe and Drophead. Interior windshield bezel mold. Inner and outer molds for decklids for all.


1939 Lincoln Zephyr 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 1939 Lincoln Zephyr 1939 Lincoln Zephyr


Molds for the famous SCRAPE 1939 Lincoln Zephyr coupe are in Encinada, Mexico. By bolting our different molds together it is possible to make four different body styles all of which are based off the original coupe. Body choices include a chopped three window coupe, a two door fastback sedan, a two door sedan delivery and a two door convertible. Includes molds for both the standard and “droop snoot” hood that arches downward. You can keep the molds in Mexico and have bodies made at substantially lower prices than having them made in the USA, or bring them to your shop and lay up the bodies yourself. Molds include a design patent.



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