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Highboy Highboy Speedster
We offer two variations of a cut down, streamlined full-fendered Boattail Speedster. You have two choices of fenders, the Generation One with open wheel wells where you can see the tires, and Generation Two with four fully enclosed “pontoon” style fenders that completely cover the wheels and tires.

This is a true roadster with a bolt-on windshield, no roll up side windows, and no top. We can custom build you a soft folding top or a lift off non-folding fabric covered hardtop on special order. The Boattail Speedster body has a floorboard bonded in place that runs from firewall to tip of the tail. It includes doors, decklid, four fenders and grille shell. The dashboard is bonded into the body.

HIGHBOY or FULL FENDERED: The Speedster is offered as a highboy (no fenders) with your choice of Gen One 1-piece chopped Auburn nose, a 4-piece Delahaye nose or choice of two fiberglass Bugatti Grille shells, which do not come with hood top and side panels. Bugatti grille shells require customer to find a panel beater to fabricate same.

Gen1 Boat Tail Generation 1 Boat Tail
GENERATION ONE: Our original full fendered, open wheel well design has a cut down 1935 Auburn grille and grille shell. It has a one piece tilt-type front end, hinged at the base of the nose, reminiscent of ‘60‘s drag racing ’40 Willys and ’55 Chevy front ends. The hood top, side panels, chopped 1935 Auburn grille shell and two front fenders are all bonded together into one piece. You can cut them apart into separate pieces if you desire. An aluminum aftermarket grille for our chopped Auburn front end is available from Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles in Bellwood, PA. (814) 742 7405

GENERATION TWO: The Gen Two design was Influenced by a Figoni & Falaschi 1935 Delahaye 135 with four separate fully enclosed “pontoon” fenders that look like large almonds. Body kit or frame does not include brackets to mount and support the fenders. Metal fender braces are suggested and should be fabricated and installed by the builder depending upon frame choice.
Gen2 Boat Tail Generation 2 Boat Tail shown with Auburn grille

BODY DIMENSIONS: Rear axle centerline to firewall - 84 in.
Rear body width at fender mounting flange - 48 In.
Height of body at rear of door - 30 in.
Width of body at bottom rear of doors - 47 In.
Width of body inside at rear of doors - 38 5/8 in.
Wheelbase - 127 in.

NOTE: Because of the wide fenders, the Boattail body is narrow. For far more interior room we recommend you consider our Type 57S Bugatti body which is 47 3/4 inches wide inside at rear doors.

Recently we moved our fiberglass body production to AMERICAN FIBERGLASS in Rock Hill, SC. The result is a higher quality product and far better customer service!

Gen1 Boat Tail One piece tilt-type front end
DOOR AND DECKLID HINGES: We do not offer door and trunk hinges, but you can order hidden hinges from Rocky Hinge in Girard, OH 888 539 6295 or other aftermarket sources.

FOUR CHOICES OF GRILLE SHELLS: In addition to the cut down Auburn-style grille shell available in the Gen One one piece flip front end, we offer three other optional fiberglass grille shells.

DELAHAYE GRILLE SHELL: This includes a one piece hood top and two separate hood side panels.

TYPE 57 BUGATTI (flat front surface): Does not include hood and side panels which must be fabricated by a panel beater. We can stamp 57 Bugatti grille shutters but this is expensive.
Gen2 Boat Tail Auburn Style / Delahaye Style

TYPE 57S BUGATTI (V’d front surface): Does not include hood and side panels which must be fabricated by a panel beater. For a grille use Speedway 1932 Ford stainless steel grille for about $200.

CHROME PLATING FIBERGLASS: If you desire a chrome plated grille shell as opposed to painting it body color, CLASSIC CHROME PLATING in Santa Ana, CA can chrome plate fiberglass. 888-327-4189 extn. 108, Mike Sickels.

WINDSHIELDS: Two different windshield frame options are available. The first is a cast brass Duvall-style V-d frame (unplated, without flat glass) from Dave York, BA Rod & Kustom in British Columbia, Canada (604) 209 1298.
Gen2 Boat Tail Type 57 / Type 57S
The second is a slightly curved windshield (complete chrome plated frame and posts) designed by Stanley Wanlass and Dick Rodwell, available from Dave Mann in Phoenix. (602) 233-8400.

Kit, “roller” or Turnkey
You can order it as a kit car and build it yourself, or have it built at the shop of your choice. We can also build you a partially completed “roller” or a complete, finished driving turnkey using a proven shop. Turnkeys involve the use a rod building shop of our choosing and can take in excess of 9 months to build, with pricing starting at an estimated $125,000 and up, depending on options. All Turnkeys are custom built to order with your choice of engine.

Delahaye Turnkey prices vary and are based on this formula: Shop Labor Rate/hour times number of hours required plus cost of parts, materials & shipping required. Our fiberglass kit car bodies are available on short notice (30 to 60 days).

Boattail Frames, “roller” or Turnkey
Our boattail bodies are not designed to fit on a “donor” chassis. FAT MAN FABRICATIONS in Charlotte has designed and builds a rolling chassis specifically for these bodies, about $9,200. Unfortunately his waiting list is approximately 6 months. (704) 545 0369.

Another shop we recommend is BROWNS METAL MODS in Port Leyden, NY who has a much shorter turnaround time. They can build a Boattail chassis for $11,900. (315) 513-4053. Sorry, no chassis plans or diagrams are available.

Body Kits:

Highboy Boattail body (no fenders) fob Rock Hill, SC
Generation One Body (w/fenders) fob Rock Hill, SC
Generation Two Body (w/fenders) fob Rock Hill, SC
Wanlass windshield from Dave Mann
$1,795 + $80 shipping
Brass Duvall Windshield frame from Dave York
Alumicraft Auburn-style grille

Kit cars and chassis require a 50% deposit at the time the order is placed, and the 50% balance just before the finished body is ready for delivery.


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