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A medley of sought after styles, recombined to realize a timeless classic that never was

Inspired by complementary Auburn, Delahaye, and Bugatti* design elements, the Bugnotti has no single automotive ancestor. Collaboration and combination are at its core. The body is a Chip Foose-designed Deco Rides Generation II Auburn Boattail Speedster. Chip modified and streamlined the original Auburn design created by Al Leamy, Gordon Buehrig and clay modeler Vince Gardner.

Delahaye's influence is seen in the fully-enclosed chipmunk-cheek "pontoon" fenders, originally appearing on a Figoni & Falaschi Type 135 Delahaye, but re-imagined here by Terry Cook. A custom-sized Bugatti* Type 57 grille shell copy is capped off with a replica Hispano Suiza stork, to complete the design amalgamation. The car respectfully pays tribute to the Bugatti* name, and the elegant styling of Figoni, Leamy, Gardner and Buehrig.


The Bugnotti rests on a custom-made Fat Man Fabrications Generation II Auburn Boattail frame, and is powered by an LS-1 small block Chevy V-8 and 4760E transmission. Power steering and brakes are standard.

Interior and Trim

Genuine leather was "crocked" to give the appearance of faux-crocodile, then combined with mahogany leather to finish the interior. Stainless-steel brightwork trim adorns the exterior, and polished-stainless woven wire fills the side panel openings. Sculptured stainless megaphone "pipe organ" exhausts compliment the brightwork.


While one side of the Bugnotti sports thin stainless trim, the opposite side wears oversized pumpkin-seed shaped chrome-plated aluminum fender skirts. Since only one side of the car is visible at a time, Cook embraced the asymmetry as an homage to the flamboyance of body decor and brightwork liberally used by two of his his heroes: Jacques Saouchik and Guiseppi Figoni.


  • Deco Rides Boattail Speedster body designed by Chip Foose
  • Chassis by Fat Man Fabrications
  • Primary fabrication and assembly by Ramsey Mosher of Ram's Rod Shop, Dover, DE
  • Additional fabrication and assembly by Gary Brown of Brown's Metal Mods, Indianapolis, IN
  • Bodywork and Paint by Brian Butler of East Coast Restoration and Collision, Greenwood, DE
  • Hispano Suiza stork ornament created by American Arrow of Clawson, MI
  • Windshield designed by Stanley Wanlass
  • Windshield manufactured by Rodware, Salt Lake City, UT
  • Interior by Stephen Pierce of One Off Technologies of Gilford, NH
  • Carpeting and Trunk Interior by Strader's Auto Upholstery
  • Stainless Polishing by Chris Wyckoff, Hewitt, NJ
  • Fenderskirt Plating by The Finishing Touch of Chicago
* Bugatti is a registered trademark of Volkswagen AG
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